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Personal Safety Strategies: How to Protect Yourself from Street Assaults

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In this article, we look at key strategies and practical tips for keeping yourself safe from potential assault or harassment on the streets. From being mindful of your surroundings to learning self-defence skills, these tips are designed to increase your safety and confidence in a variety of situations.

Keeping yourself safe on the streets is an important aspect of taking care of yourself. Here are some tips that can help you minimise risks and increase your safety:

Be alert:
Be aware of your surroundings: Try to be attentive to what is going on around you. Do not immerse yourself in your phone or music when travelling down the street.

Choose safe places:
Lighted areas: Prefer and walk on lit roads and avoid darkened streets and alleys.

Avoid isolation:
Avoid being alone: Especially in the evening or at night, try not to be alone, especially in sparsely populated areas.

Learn self-defence:
Learn self-defence: Consider taking self-defence or martial arts courses. This can increase your confidence and preparedness in critical situations.

Use self-defence tools:
Mastering self-defence: Consider carrying self-defence equipment such as paint spray, self-defence powder, a whistle or even pepper spray (if its use is legal in your area).

Communicate your location:
Use mobile apps: Consider using safety apps that let your loved ones know your whereabouts.

Set up contact with loved ones:
Safe on the Move: Create a system where you can regularly update loved ones or friends on your whereabouts and plans.

Use extreme caution in transport:
Stay away from unfamiliar vehicles: Refrain from approaching unfamiliar vehicles or accepting offers of a ride from strangers.

Critical Behaviour:
Sound signals: Use audible signals such as a whistle or loud shouts to attract the attention of others in case of danger.

Knowing the nearest safety points:
Memorising locations: Know the nearest points of safety such as shops, pharmacies or open establishments where you can get help.

It is important to remember that the effectiveness of measures depends on the specific situation. Stay alert, educate yourself and apply these principles to maximise your safety on the streets.

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